It's easy to disupt sleeping patterns at this time of year. Try to keep yourself in a steady

routine and get beween 7-9 hours sleep a night to keep on top of your mental health.


While treats are delicious and part of the season it's important to try and keep a balanced

diet- stocking up on fruit and veg will make all the difference to how you're feeling over

the week.

Have some treats so you don't feel deprived, use them as reward for doing something you

don't feel like - like housework!

Activate your body

Move about, it doesn't have to be outdoors, find way to keep active indoors if you don't

feel like going out. Clean out a cupboard, do a dance ... Just walking around the house or

standing for a while can be better than sitting all day. Then reward yourself!


Take some time for yourself to settle down and unwind if you have been around a lot of


If you find yourself tense - stop and breathe, sometimes just making a sighing noise can


Stay in touch

Take some time to contact a person you haven't spoken to in a while and reconnect - this

is the perfect time of year to rekindle contact with old friends and loved ones if you're

feeling low.

Equally, why not check in on a neighbour or someone you may think would appreciate a

friendly call over this period.

Like Minds, Like Mine - Keys to reduce holiday stress workshop

Posted: Mon 01 Jan 2018